Gyeon Leather Shield - 50 ml

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The Gyeon Leather Shield will help you protect your leather with an easy to use formula! We all love the looks of new leather, but dirt, grime, UV rays and general wear and tear can do damage to the look and feel of this prized material. Gyeon Leather Shield is a specially formulated SiO2 (silicon dioxide) formula, that only requires 1x layer to protect your leather surfaces. This product will not change the color or feel of your leather, it will simply leave behind a durable layer of protection that lasts up to 12 months! Please note that this product will not restore the leather in anyway. If your leather is cracked, faded, etc. Leather Shield will only help protect it from getting any worse. If your leather is worn and you do not like the look, Gyeon recommends getting it repaired and protecting with Leather Shield once corrected. If you are looking to protect your leather surfaces, keeping them looking their best for longer, the Gyeon Leather Shield is a great choice!

Box Contains: 1x 50ml Leather Shield, 1x Applicator, 6x Suede Cloths

If you are looking for an easier to apply protection product, or something to top the Leather Shield with, the Gyeon Leather Coat is a great product!