Gyeon Booster - 30 ml

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Gyeon Booster will help enhance the durability and hydrophobicity of your previously applied coating layer! We all have fallen in love with the durability and easy application of coatings on the market today. There is however one issue, water spots! Many coatings are susceptible to this imperfection, but there is a simple cure, a topper! The Gyeon Booster was designed and formulated for use on top of quartz/ceramic coatings (i.e. Prime or Mohs). Booster will enhance water beading drastically, helping to prevent fresh coatings from developing stains or water spots, all while increasing overall durability. The hydrophobic properties will even extend for up to 12 more months! For best results, apply straight after you apply your Gyeon coating, (or at least within the first 4 weeks of application). Even if you are applying on top of another coating outside the Gyeon line, Booster will work great. Gyeon does however stress that this is not a stand alone product and should only be used as a topper of an existing coating layer. If you are looking for a great maintenance topper for your coating, the Gyeon Booster is a great choice!