Gtechniq W9 Water Spot Remover - 500 ml

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The Gtechniq W9 Water Spot Remover helps you remove ugly water spots fast, simple and easy! Water spots often come from the hard minerals that are left behind when water evaporates on the surface of your vehicle. Unfortunately, these marks not only etch onto the surface, but the longer they sit, the deeper they can etch and the harder they are to remove. With W9, you can remove a great deal of these marks without having to polish! To start, make sure the paint is clean and decontaminated. Spray the W9 onto the surface and buff away immediately with a clean microfiber towel. Once you are finished, rinse thoroughly and dry to reveal a clean and clear surface. The ugly watermarks should be gone and your paint is looking great again! W9 Water Spot Remover will save you valuable time and works great on glass, various paint types, vinyl and even matte finishes. Another awesome feature is that this product is safe on coatings, removing watermarks and silica scale from the surface. Other cleaners or polishes may strip off your coating, but this formula will not! Stop letting water spots ruin the look of your vehicle, use the Gtechniq W9 Water Spot Remover and say goodbye to water spots!

Application Instructions:
Start by washing and drying your car first
Do not apply in direct sunlight
Shake well and wear gloves
Spray liberally onto a clean microfiber towel (Gtechniq recommends the MF1 Cloth), wipe onto an area no bigger than 8" x 8"
Buff off immediately
Repeat as necessary
Re-wash your car after use
Store in a cool, dry place