Griot's Garage THE BOSS - G15 15MM

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Griot's Garage THE BOSS features 900 watts and 7.5amps of muscle, with a large throw (15mm or 21mm), to combine for the perfect amount of performance, control, and comfort when polishing! The three key terms highlight exactly what innovation and features Griot's Garage packed into this state of the art random orbital polisher.

900 watt, 7.5amp motor delivers enough torque to maintain consistent pad rotation
Precision machined, steel counterbalance for smooth, low vibration operation
Premium NSK bearings deliver long lasting, efficient, quiet and smooth operation
Smart heat management enhances tool consistency and extends pad life
Silicone-rubber 13' Cord is flexible and durable
Gusseted cord support ensures long cord life
Quick access brush side ports allow for easy maintenance

Variable speed trigger throttle allows the user to throttle the tool from a dead stop to the maximum dial setting with an easy swipe of the trigger
Quick response delivers the power when you want it, acutely focusing the control you have over the tool
The trigger lock allows you to set the speed you want and operate the tool independent of the trigger

Six double-shot rubber grips ensure you stay comfortable all day by absorbing energy
Ergonomic design features unique Pistol and Platypus Grips for even distribution of pressure

The random orbital movement of THE BOSS allows you to achieve professional polishing results in less overall polishing time. What previously may have taken several sets of passes can now be done in just one to two sets of passes! The backing plate to shroud engagement is an extremely safe configuration, as it limits pad rotation. Should increased paint correction be desired, the included stainless steal washer may be inserted in between the drive hub and backing plate to induce rotation. This rotation combined with the large throw (15mm or 21mm) will deliver this super fast imperfection removal. THE BOSS may use either a 5" or 6" Pad system interchangeably. If you are looking for the perfect buffer for your detailing work, check out the Griot's Garage THE BOSS today!

5" (15mm throw) or 6" (21mm throw) backing plate
Allen key wrench
Replacement carbon brushes
Grease tube
Washer modification