Griot's Garage THE BOSS Foam Cannon

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The Griot's Garage THE BOSS Foam Cannon helps you produce a thick layer of washing foam when used in conjunction with a pressure washer! Simply pour in your favorite shampoo and get loads of suds on your vehicle! A foam cannon is great because When you touch your paint, even when washing, you are at risk of adding imperfections. You can however cut down this risk greatly by using high-quality products and detailing techniques. With the Griot's Garage THE BOSS Foam Cannon and your pressure washer, you can spray a thick layer of shampoo foam onto the surface, which breaks down contaminants and encapsulates them to make washing safer. If you have a gas or electric pressure washer, it will not matter, this Foam Cannon nozzle adjusts to produce a wide spray pattern of up to 40-degrees for efficient coverage or a narrow 0-degree stream for long-range dispensing on car roofs, trucks, and RVs. Another extremely cool feature is the Auto-Mix feature. This feature saves tons of time because you do not have to remove the reservoir and mix the product by hand. Just screw in the bottle of concentrate (i.e. Foaming Poly Gloss, Foaming Surface Prep, or Foaming Surface Wash.) and the changeable metering tip provides the proper ratio. This Foam Cannon is also built to last. It is made with stainless steel internal parts that resist chemical-induced corrosion. If you are looking for a high-quality Foam Cannon, the Griot's Garage THE BOSS Foam Cannon is an amazing choice!

Adjustable Fan Jet (0 degrees to 40 degrees)
Micro Detergent Regulator
Precision MAchined Stainless Steal Primary Manifold (Internal & External)
EPDM Seals
Patented Vented Cap
Large Mouth Jar Opening
Use included 33.8 oz reservior or attach directly to Griot's Garage 35 oz & 22 oz bottles
Sure-Flow Metering Pick-Up Ball with Changeable Metering Tips