Griot's Garage BOSS Fast Correcting Cream - 128 oz

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The Griot's Garage BOSS Fast Correcting Cream will remove severe paint defects with ease! The BOSS system utilizes specialized levels of sub-micron abrasives, which more efficiently remove defects and leave a highly-refined finish. This cream is engineered with rich, high-lubricity, non-filling components can remove heavy imperfections and produce a imperfection free finish in less time. The Fast Correcting Cream is packed with these high quality microns that really make this formula revolutionary. Apply a small amount to the Griot's Garage BOSS Fast Correcting Foam Pads and work one section at a time. You will be amazed at how fast this cream removes severe defects, adding depth and clarity to your paint, and finishing down great. For best results we recommend following this cream up with another lighter polish from the Griot's Garage BOSS system. On top of this corrective power, the BOSS Fast Correcting Cream features: