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AN -8 Fittings are included in the kit. 
Easy to disassemble, clean and reassemble the stainless steel filter element.

 The compact aluminum casing design of our fuel filters paired with an element which filters 100 or 20 microns is sure to provide a fuel injection solution to keep your system flowing freely with minimal pressure drop. Grams fuel filters keep your injectors and engine uncontaminated and functioning at peak performance by filtering out dirt, rust or other foreign particles. 

Features & Benefits 
• 20 micron filter, AN -10 fittings 
• Minimal pressure drop 
• Stainless steel mesh media 60 square inches 
• Hard anodized aluminum casing for superior strength and corrosion resistance 
• Compatible with all fuel types 
• EFI compatible 
• Radiused ends producing improved internal fuel flow