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Gilmour created a high quality, brass connector that allows you to connect an additional hose or hose attachment to any regular garden hose. The high flow connector helps allow an extra 35% more water flow through so you get maximum power from your hose. The easy to use on/off switch stops water from flowing while detailing and allows you to quickly turn it back on without having to run all the way over to where the hose connects to your home. A great way to thoroughly rinse a vehicle and help the vehicle self dry is the sheeting method. This method is where you start on the top of the vehicle and you flood it top down with a steady stream of water, but not a blast of water. The flooding helps lift up particles and carry them down and off the vehicle. Additionally since like particles (water) cling together the water naturally pulls itself down the paint. This greatly reduces the amount of water on the surface and makes drying quicker and easier. Best of all Gilmour backs up their product with a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee so you know it's top quality. Try the Gilmour Brass Connector High Flow Shut-off Valve and make your washing and drying much easier.