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EXEDY Stage 3 Hyper Single Carbon-D Clutch Kit, for Acura NSX 91-05 
Note 1: Can handle up to 313ft/lbs WTQ. 
Note 2: Flywheel crank bolts required (Honda part #90011-PR7-000 8pcs), input shaft must be changed on transmission to 91-96 model if used in 1997-05 models.

hyper Carbon-D

EXEDY-Cabon-D, the revolutionary Carbon Clutch System. Carbon-D was developed to achieve the ultimate goal of comfort and streetability by absorbing noise and vibration emitted from drivetrain components such as the differential, transmission and engine. The Carbon-D system is designed to protect the drivetrain by absorbing and dissipating "shock torque" by utilizing EXEDY Patented Technology. Superior engineering enables the Carbon-D clutch system to posses an ideal clutch engagement position, increased clamp loads and lower pedal effort, while the unique Carbon Fiber friction material allows comfortable half-engaged clutch operation and responsive gear changes.

Carbon-D Single
* Introduction of a damper to absorb and dissipate noise and vibration
* High clamp load, lower pedal effort and ideal clutch engagement is obtained with the use of the re-engineered diaphragm spring
* Quiet Strap Drive design to minimize mechanical noise
* Patent Pending Disc System