Dodo Juice Purple Haze Soft Wax - 250 ml

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Dodo Juice Purple Haze (aka Dodo Purple) is a colored charged soft wax that is the perfect wax for darker colored paints (blue, black, gray, green, dark metallic, etc.). This extremely well balanced wax is a result of the complex blend of ingredients like black Montan Wax, Carnauba Wax and more. They come together to make a highly effective wax that looks great, feels slick, protects with vigor and smells like lavender. Darker colored paints naturally look a little deeper and the Dodo Juice Purple Haze can really take your paint to the next level of excellence. Your darker colored paint will look "wet" and almost alive with a glossy shine. Since this is a soft wax you can apply it with your hands or with an applicator pad. The 30ml container is a great sample size that allows you to test out this product over roughly 3 - 5 coats and you can get around 25 - 40+ coats from the 250ml size as well. The 250ml size is  approximately 8.5 ounces while many other carnauba waxes are only 6 - 8 ounces. Give your paint the head turning gloss it deserves with the Dodo Juice Purple Haze.