Dodo Juice Blue Velvet Hard Wax

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Dodo Juice Blue Velvet is a hard wax designed to make dark colored paints (blue, black, grey, green, etc.) look endlessly deep. This colored charged wax makes the darkest colors look extraordinarily "wet" and glossy. The secret is the unique blend of all natural ingredients like (black monton wax, carnauba wax, jojoba oil, etc.). The hard wax formula is designed to be applied with a hand application, not a buffer. The hard wax also allows you to apply very thin coats so you get the most applications possible from one jar. Best of all the formula hardens very quickly so you get strong protection immediately and you can apply multiple layers if desired. Rain drops will bead up extremely fine and roll off with ease. The 30ml container is a great sample size that allows you to test out this product over roughly 3 - 5 coats and you can get around 25 - 40+ coats from the 250ml size as well. The 250ml size is approximately 8.5 ounces while many other carnauba waxes are only 6 - 8 ounces. If you want to restore an unmistakable shine to any dark colored paint the Dodo Juice Blue Velvet is the wax of choice.