BMI Accessories reTHICKulous Wool Wash Mitt

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When you want the safest, plushest and softest washing tool on the market this is the mitt you desire. The instant you touch this mitt you'll be amazed at how sumptuous it is. Only the finest fibers are used in these mitts to deliver a superior washing medium. The all natural wool fibers are the perfect choice for a delicate cleaning that is still very thorough. The extra thick wool fibers help reduce friction during the washing process so you work carefully and effectively. While washing you'll notice every little crevice is cleaned by the long fibers removing contaminants safely and easily. It's a two sided mitt that holds a ton of shampoo suds so you can keep washing for longer. Best of all when you dunk it in your rinsing bucket it will release contaminants, which is critical so you can resume washing safely. Some lower quality mitts trap contaminants which can then make them a dangerous washing tool. Since this product is made from natural resources the durability will vary more than a completely synthetic wash mitt. This premium wash mitt is a detailers dream and we are confident you are going to love it. So if you want the best of the best purchase the reTHICKulous Wool Wash Mitt, your vehicle will thank you!