BMI Accessories Featherweight Foam Cannon

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With the BMI Accessories Featherweight Foam Cannon and a pressure washer, you will be able to apply a thick layer of shampoo to the surface quickly and easily! Just fill the reservoir with any shampoo, connect it to your pressure washer and spray a thick layer of soap onto the surface! Once applied, the foam will encapsulate contaminants, breaking them down and loosening them from the surface for a safe, scratch-free wash process. The BMI Accessories Foam Cannon is extremely popular and the Featherweight Foam Cannon is very similar to this great unit, however there are a few differences. The Featherweight Foam Cannon is made from military grade aluminum, cutting down on the overall weight of the unit significantly. This lighter material allows this unit to work great with household pressure washers (under 3000PSI and 2.5GPM) and come at an overall lower price point. This makes the Featherweight Foam Cannon a great option for someone with a smaller pressure washer, value shoppers, or the weekend warrior who does not use the Foam Cannon as much as a professional would. The BMI Accessories Featherweight Foam Cannon is an incredible tool that helps you get great results at a great value, so pick one up and see for yourself!

Best Operating Specs:
1100-2600 PSI
1.4-2.4 GPM
1/4" Plated QC plug included