DEI BOOM MAT 2MM: 12" X 12.5" (4.2 SQ FT, 4 SHEETS)

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NEW AND IMPROVED! Our new 2mm version of damping material is 33% thicker than our original material. 

Boom Mat is a high quality simple and effective solution in eliminating the low frequency noise problems found in structure-borne vibrations caused by typical automotive noise sources. Simply trim to desired size, peel backing and apply to a clean surface. 

Boom Mat is constructed of a viscoelastic polymer layer protected by a durable aluminum wear surface and it’s strong adhesive backing is unaffected by extreme hot and cold temperatures and can be applied to horizontal, vertical and inverted areas on metal, plastic, fiberglass and most other automotive surfaces. Available in a variety of sizes for a cost effective installation. 

Use as a first layer for areas with contours and bends for vibration damping needs 

- High performance adhesive maintains adhesion throughout temperature extremes 
- Eliminates low frequency noise problems 
- Non-hazardous material 
- Flexible – can be applied to irregular surfaces 
- Easily trimmed to size with Boom Mat Blade Lock Knife 
- User friendly peal and stick installation 
- Multiple uses including automotive, commercial and industrial applications 
- Durable weatherproof construction is also corrosion resistant 
- Flamability Rated 
- The industry standard in vibrational damping technology 

- 2 Pack - Speaker 
- 4 Pack - 4 Speakers / Dash 
- 6 Pack - Hatchback 
- 8 Pack - Door / Ceiling 
- 10 Pack - Trunk 
- 20 Pack - Complete Interior 
- 30 Pack - Complete Interior - SUVs, Vans, Wagons, etc.