CSF Aluminum Racing Radiator Ford Mustang EcoBoost 2015-2017

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The CFS 2-Row Race Spec Racing Radiator is totally ideal for those of you who participate track events especially in the middle of summer time where temperatures rise, and pressure builds.  Because of the dual-core design, you will be provided with better and efficient cooling productivity.

CFS Radiators are designed, fabricated, and tested with rigorous practices that include thermal cycle testing, burst pressure testing, and even wind tunnel testing. The welding process consists of a careful and intricate process to ensure the consumer has the radiator of all radiators.

This is a direct replacement that can be suitable on the street, yet can provide the needed cooling during summer weekend track events. They have also gone through a mirror polishing process that will enhance the engine bay instead of looking at the factory plastic end tanks and plastic cores. 

Once installed you will have improved cooling you can depend on, and quality that will give you a peace of mind.