cp-e aIntake Dry Flow Intake System w/ Air Box Satin Black - Ford Focus ST 2015+

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The cp-e alntake Intake System takes the stock intake design and makes improvements that will improve the power and performance of your vehicle. This intake system brings in cool ait efficiently through an aluminum intake pipe with smooth mandrel bends that limit turbulence and restriction all while isolating the filter from the hot air in the engine bay.

Other features include the alntake box which has been laser cut and CNC-bent from 18 gauge stainless steel materials which provide great thermal qualities to keep the filter cool. Both the intake tube and intake box will come powder-coated in a nice black finish for extra protection against corrosion, and to provide a cleaner look to the engine bay. The intake tube will attach to the ait box with a 5-ply silicone elbow as well as a CNC-lathed aluminum bellmouth. The velocity stack bellmouth will compress the air from 4" to 3" which will provide a minimal amount of energy loss which translates to a higher airspeed through the tube. 

This intake will come provided with all of the required clamps, as well as hardware to make it ready for the installation