Cosworth Thermal Intake Manifold Gasket - Nissan GT-R 2009+

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Thermal Intake Gaskets are designed to reduce the inlet air temperature thus resulting in colder air flowing in. Cold air is more dense than hot air and a denser intake air charge contains more oxygen which results in the potential for increased power and torque. 

Each one of these intake gaskets will include a tube of "Hylomar Universal Blue Racing Formula" sealant. The use of OE inlet manifold gaskets is not required with the Cosworth Thermal Guard Composite Intake Gasket. 

Isolates inlet manifold from engine and cylinder head
Reduces inlet air temperature
Reusable with no deformation
Higher temperature resistance than plastic gaskets (+500 degrees F)
Precision CNC manufactured
Includes Hylomar Universal Blue Racing Formula sealant
Race proven
Safe with all fuel types