Corbeau 2 Inch 4-Point Black Harness Belt - Universal

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If you are starting to get serious on those weekend track days whether if it's an autocross or an HPDE day, you will eventually need a proper seat restraint as high-speed corners and G-forces will definitely be throwing you around inside the vehicle. With proper harness belts, you can keep your focus on the track rather than fighting distraction from moving around in your seat.

This is the Corbeau  2 Inch Bolt-In 4-Point Harness that will come in a black finish, and this harness set will come with hardware that can be used on your factory provided mounting points. This means in most cases no drilling will be required when bolting this harness in. This is an excellent harness choice that can be used on many examples of Corbeau seats, or any aftermarket or factory seats that have harness provisions, or that can accommodate a harness. 

The harness, as well as a set of mounting bolts, will be included to make this harness ready for installation.