Corbeau Sportline RRB Black Vinyl Reclining Seats - Universal

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The Corbeau RRB Black Vinyl with Cloth Reclinable Racing Seat is a great example from Corbeau's Sportline catalog and combines modern design with comfort and support for high-performance driving conditions. Corbeau designed the Sportline seats based on customer feedback on a worldwide scale to bring together both comfort and support all in a stylish setting.

Some of the features in the RRB include top of the line injection molded foam that is strategically placed in the bolsters to provide support in all the right places. Additionally, the RRB will come with a seat base of only 2.5" which will benefit some of you taller drivers that need a short based seat for vehicles that have minimal headroom when wearing a helmet.

The Sportline RRB is harness compatible, but please note that because this seat does have an inflatable lumbar support, a 5th slot aka submarine slot cannot be added to this particular seat.

Finally, the Sportline RRB will fit occupants with up to a 38" waist, and these will be sold as a set.