Gram Lights 57DR 18X8.5 +37 5X108 Wheel Gun Blue II

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Enhance the exterior of your vehicle with the Gram Lights 57DR wheel that will come in the 18X8.5 sizing, and with the +37 offset. This particular wheel will come in the Gunmetal Blue 2 Finish. Gram Lights is a part of RAYS Engineering which produces some of the lightest and strongest wheels employed by professional race teams, and car enthusiasts on a worldwide scale. 

This particular wheel is a 1-piece cast design that can be utilized for street or motorsport use. If you are a car enthusiast then chances are, you will eventually get your vehicle a set of aftermarket wheels to enhance the appeal and to host a more aggressive tire setup to complement your suspension. 

These are sold separately. 

Brand: Gram Lights
Bolt Pattern: 5x108
Color: Gun Blue II
Diameter (Inches): 18
Offset: +37mm
QTY: Sold Individually
Width (Inches): 8.5
Mfgr. Warranty: No Warranty
Condition: New Product
Return Policy: Standard