Corbeau GTS II Reclining Black Cloth Seat - Universal

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The Corbeau GTSII Reclinable Seat is a great option for those of you in the market for a set of high-performance seats that offer both support and comfort for track or street use. Corbeau has been one of the pioneers in manufacturing performance seats, and the GTS II is the result of tireless research, design, and testing before the final product begins production. This is a great seat option for those of you who want to revive your interior with a comfortable seat for daily driving that can accommodate the occasional weekend track day. They offer awesome padding support for the kidneys, and provide your vehicle with a more stock look. And like most Corbeau performance seats, the GTS II offers great bolster support and is compatible with most racing style belt harnesses.

All Corbeau Reclinable seats are only sold as pairs.