Sparco SPX Carbon Fiber Seat Leather/Alcantara Black Left Side - Universal

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If Sparco were a furniture store, you would more than likely find the SPX in the special showroom towards the back where all the fancy things are. Immediately you would be intoxicated by the sensory overload as the SPX visually stimulates your lust for perfection while providing your body with therapy. Seriously when you combine handcrafted perforated smooth Italian leather with lightweight carbon fiber, then you have discovered the rightful throne that you deserve to sit on when driving your vehicle.

This is the Sparco SPX which combines the same technology and design utilized in some of the world's most exotic vehicles. This is the ultimate revolution of the sport seat. This design still has provisions for a shoulder harness, and it provides excellent lateral support and comfort without the aggressiveness when compared to a conventional competition seat. 

The center of the SPX is covered in Alcantara suede with smooth Italian leather where it sits in a glossy carbon fiber shell. The SPX is also a reclinable seat for those seeking the ultimate in comfort with the adjustability needed to suit your driving style. 

Note that this seat is for the left side.