Corbeau Sportline Evolution X Reclining Seats - Universal

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This is the Sportline Evolution X, which is one of the latest designs to come out of Corbeau inspired by sports cars with limited cabin space. If you own such a sports car then you may know that the perils of comfort will be tested when trying to determine what seat best suits the driver for comfort and support. The design comes straight from Corbeau's Evolution Sportline seat with the elimination of the reclining mechanism. Those of you with certain 2-door sports cars know that most aftermarket seats with the reclining mechanism can be too wide to mount in the car. Corbeau determined that the design of the Sportline Evolution was the best route to go for those of you who participate in weekend track events, or for those of you who simply want to update the look of your interior.

The Evolution X will come in either the black vinyl/carbon with red or black stitching depending on your preference. This seat has also been designed with premium injection molded bolsters that will prohibit excessive body movement under high-performance driving conditions. Additionally, this particular seat has been designed with a base seat height of 2.5 inches which benefits provides efficient helmet space for movement.

Note that because of the design of the Evolution X, a 5th slot (anti-submarine) cannot be added to this seat.

These will be sold as a pair and will fit drivers with up to a 38-inch waist size.