Corbeau Moab Reclining Black Vinyl / Charcoal Cloth Seat - Universal

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The Corbeau Moab Reclining Seats are a great example from Corbeau's line of Sport Reclining seats. These seats have been designed to specifically outfit choice off-road vehicles, however, they may work with other applications with custom Corbeau brackets. Corbeau realized that the factory equipped seats that come standard in certain off-road vehicles don't offer proper lateral support, and they tend to wear out faster when exposed to the elements.

With that said, the Moab seat has been fabricated with high leg bolsters which makes entering and exiting the vehicle more simple, yet providing enough support to minimize body movement while driving on harsh terrain. The Moab also has been made using injection molded foam for extra comfort, and it will come with the right provisions to run a shoulder harness.

These seats are only sold as a pair and will fit occupants with up to a 40" waist size.