Aeromotive 340lph Fuel Pump E85 Offset Inlet - Universal

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Okay so you've added a bunch of bolts ons, added injectors and turned up the boost. What's next Jed? I'll tell you what, it should be the Aeromotive 340LPH Fuel Pump that is E85 compatible. Aeromotive designed this fuel pump to be lightweight and compact to pump out more than 340 LPH of corn juice at 40 PSI. This is strong enough to support modifications making up to 490WHP, luckily because of the compact design, those looking to make more power can find a way to add more pumps. 

This fuel pump has been designed with special carbon commutators and brushes specifically designed for E-85, and all wiring has been sealed and terminals have been sealed with terminate, and can withstand the harsh properties of E-85. However, this pump is also suitable for pump gas. 

Included with the Aeromotive 340 Stealth Fuel Pump is the wiring harness, filter sock, hose with worm clamps, and a fuel pump sock.