COBB Tuning SF Intake Blue - Mazdaspeed3 2007-2013

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This is the COBB Tuning SF Intake System designed to provide more power gains to your application. 

One of the benefits of this particular turbocharged powerplant is that it really responds well to performance aftermarket intakes. The factory intake is so restrictive that once you have the COBB Tuning Intake installed, you will see average gains of +11 HP and +16 ft-lbs of torque which is very noticeable on a healthy engine.

This is achieved through COBB's provided intake tube that has been designed with smooth interior walls that limit turbulence under acceleration. Air is filtered through a conical cloth filter which leads to a CFD-designed velocity stack leading to a unique air flow straightener grid. This straightener grid is specifically designed to smooth the incoming air flow as it passes the Mass Air Flow sensor for precise readings. This eliminates the "dead spots" experienced by other aftermarket intakes due to turbulence.

This particular SF Intake will come with a blue intake pipe and will come with all of the required brackets, hardware, and worm clamps needed to make for a ready installation.