COBB Tuning Post MAF Silicone Hose Black - Subaru WRX/STi 2002-2007 / Forester XT 2004-2008

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The Cobb Tuning Post MAF Hose will join the stock airbox (or optional COBB SF Intake) to the turbo inlet tube by replacing the stock rubber piece. The factory post MAF hose is corrugated which can make for a rough air transition. The Cobb Post MAF Hose has been designed to have a slick interior wall which allows a smooth volume of air to get to the turbo. This results in better performance, and improved throttle response. 

The Cobb Post MAF Tuning Hose is crafted from a 4-ply silicone construction and has just enough compliance to bridge the factory chassis mounted airbox, to the relative motion of the boxer engine.  It has steel reinforcement construction to prevent collapse under maximum load, and to ensure performance for years.