Chemical Guys TORQ 22D Polish Kit

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Here's a little more information about each of the items included in the Chemical Guys TORQ 22D Polish Kit. You can click the link to visit the product page for a full description:

Chemical Guys TORQ 22D Random Orbital Polisher (120V USA) - easily removes swirls, scratches, and defects
Chemical Guys V38 Optical Final Polish (16 oz) - remove light imperfections for a beautiful shine!
Chemical Guys V36 Optical Grade Cutting Polish (16 oz) - removes medium imperfections and leaves behind a fantastic amount of clarity!
Lake Country White Polishing Pad (6.5") - helps safely remove minor surface imperfections such as very fine swirls, oxidation, etc.
Lake Country Orange Light Cutting Pad (6.5") - a light cutting pad designed to remove moderate swirls and scratches with a medium polish
Lake Country Snappy Clean Boost Pad Cleaner - a citrus degreaser designed to help release product and contamination from foam pads