Chemical Guys KORE R4 Premium Paste Wax - 8 oz Dark

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The Chemical Guys KORE R4 Premium Paste Wax was designed to provide you with a brilliant amount of shine and a durable form of protection. Before you even open the KORE R4, you will notice the beautiful canister. The canister is made from a solid brick of 7000 Series Aerospace Aluminum, which is the highest strength series of aluminum alloys designed for aircraft applications. It has also been pre-tempering coated to resist temperatures between 500 degrees to 650 degrees Celsius. 4 screws feature a vacuum seal for optimal freshness of the wax inside. Chemical Guys really has gone out of their way to make even the canister something special, and we still have not highlighted the wax!

KORE R4 is handcrafted from the finest Brazilian ivory carnauba wax, exotic ingredients and nano particles from across the world. These high end ingredients allow this wax to add a brilliant amount of gloss and depth to the paint that will have heads turning to look at your paint. It is poured in California and the minute the beautiful case is full, the 4 screws are tightened and the vacuum seal locks in the freshness of the wax. Right when you receive and open your KORE R4, you will be receiving the freshest top shelf wax possible. KORE applies effortlessly with a Red Foam Applicator and is easily wiped away with a clean microfiber towel. KORE R4 will help protect your paint from harmful water spots, fading, and oxidation.

The Chemical Guys KORE R4 Premium Paste Wax comes in two great options, black case formulated for dark paintwork and a silver case, which is formulated for light paintwork. If you are looking for a top shelf wax that will add an unparalleled amount of gloss, depth, and protection, this wax is for you!

Application Instructions:
Wash vehicle
Towel dry with a premium microfiber towel.
Open KORE with the included hex key.
Use a premium foam or microfiber applicator to spread KORE. Apply a thin, even coat to one panel at a time (remember less is more).
Allow 20 minutes for Kore to dry.
Buff off using a premium microfiber towel.
IMPORTANT: Open KORE with the included key (any other methods of opening may damage the container). Always reseal cap by evenly tightening the screws.