Chemical Guys JetSeal Sealant

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The chemists at Chemical Guys have really made a breakthrough when they developed JetSeal. This product redefined the expectations for what a sealant can do to protect and shine your paint. It offers really strong protection you can use on your vehicle to preserve it through rain, sleet, snow, etc. JetSeal was formerly known as "Jet Seal 109" when it developed for jets in the aerospace industry. It helped provide long lasting protection in the harshest environments while moving at extraordinary speeds, so if it can protect jets it can certainly protect your car. JetSeal is an organically modified sealant bonded with an acrylic crystalline which allows it to bond with paint at the molecular level, forming an ultra tight bond. Your paint will be shielded from moisture, UV rays, contaminants, air pollutants, road grime and more. Best of all this sealant isn't just all protection the shine is outstanding as well. The paint will have a very sharp and reflective shine! The ridiculously deep shine of the JetSeal makes it the ultimate combination of protection and shine. Roughly one ounce applied by hand or with a buffer will help you protect all of your vehicle. You can protect much more than just your painted and clear coated surfaces, use it on your chrome, polished aluminum, carbon fiber, glass, fiberglass, painted plastics, coated plastics and more. Get this top rated sealant today and see why so many detailers love the Chemical Guys JetSeal!