Chemical Guys DeCon Pro Iron Remover - 16 oz

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The Chemical Guys DeCon Pro Iron Remover will help you remove stubborn iron deposits (i.e. brake dust) from your wheels and paint easily and safely. When you press on your brakes while driving, your brake pads and rotors touch. This high speed contact and friction causes your pads and rotors to heat up and discard tiny hot shards of iron, metal, and carbon. These scorching hot shards etch into your paint, wheels, etc. making them incredibly difficult to remove. Scrubbing and degreasers will often not remove them but this is where the Decon Pro is an incredibly valuable product! Spray DeCon Pro's gel formula onto the surface and it clings to each area you spray it on, so it has more time to react with the deposits. As it breaks down the embedded deposits the formula changes colors to a deep purple and it can be rinsed away with ease. For any heavily contaminated areas, multiple applications, agitation, or longer dwell time may be necessary. Once you are finished you will be amazed at how many of those ugly iron deposits have been removed! DeCon Pro is pH neutral and safe on the exterior so you'll love how it cleans your wheels and paint. Don't let unsightly iron deposits ruin your beautiful finish, grab the Chemical Guys DeCon Pro Iron Remover today!