Chemical Guys Bug & Tar Remover Car Wash - 16 oz

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The Chemical Guys Bug & Tar Remover Car Wash is the perfect formula to help you quickly and effectively remove all kinds of stubborn surface build ups including bugs, tar, sap, bird droppings, brake dust, pollutants, oils, road grime, etc. It is also sometimes known as "Strong Wash" or "Chemical Guys Bug Bugger and Tar Remover" because of how effective it is to use during the washing process. Begin by putting three cap fulls or less of product in your wash bucket with every one gallon of water. Soak your wash media in the bucket and start washing top down and you should be able to loosen and remove the bugs, tar and other stubborn contaminants safely and easily. Rinse the vehicle thoroughly upon completion to ensure it's clean. For problem areas you can go back and use the product directly on the surface with your wash mitt or sponge but we recommend you dilute the formula at least ten to one and rinse it thoroughly after you are done. Use this formula on a cool surface in the shade, if it's warm or if there is any sun exposure make sure you rinse frequently. When you are all done you'll notice your paint feels incredibly clean and looks fantastic again!