Chemical Guys Black Light Car Wash Soap - 16 oz

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The Chemical Guys Black Light Car Wash Soap helps clean and enhance black and other dark color painted vehicles. Once you are the owner of a dark colored car, you understand that you will see every little scratch and imperfection much greater than other light colored cars. Most of these imperfections come from the washing and drying process, so if you want to keep your dark paint looking top notch, it is extremely important to start with a good shampoo. The Chemical Guys Black Light Car Wash Soap produces thick, slick, and rich foam that lasts through an entire car wash. The super high suds wash safely removes dirt and grime with ease.

Black Light can be applied by hand, or via Foam Gun or Foam Lance. Each use helps release dirt and grime for a gentle scratch-free wash. On top of the amazing cleaning ability of this shampoo, Black Light features gloss technology agents, which help enhance your paint and leave behind a deep, lustrous shine. Not only will you be amazed with the clean surface, but the dark, lustrous, wet, and shiny look will make your jaw drop. Black Light is pH neutral, will not strip off existing layers of protection, and rinses clean with zero residue or streaks. If you have a dark colored car and are looking for a great maintenance shampoo, the Chemical Guys Black Light Car Wash Soap is a great choice!