Chemical Guys After Wash - 16 oz

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The Chemical Guys After Wash is a paint moisturizer that will help aid you in a safe drying process! After Wash uses hydrophobic technology to push water away from paint and quickly dry any vehicle. Simply spray onto your wet paint and gently dry the surface with a clean, high quality, drying towel (i.e. BMI Microfiber Waffle Weave Drying Towel). The secret to After Wash is the advanced lubrication agents that reduce friction between the paintwork and microfiber drying towel. This allows the towel to glide across the surface, pulling water away safely and easily! The majority of swirls and other imperfections come from poor washing products/techniques and After Wash aids in cutting down the chance of implementing one of these ugly imperfections. Use After Wash on any car, truck, motorcycle, RV, boat, motocross, off road, ATV, or snow vehicle for streak and scratch-free drying! After Wash will enhance any wax or sealant on the surface for increased longevity and it can be used to dry paint, wheels, glass, metal, and plastic surfaces. If you are looking to make drying your vehicle quick, easy, and safe, the Chemical Guys After Wash is for you!