CarPro TRIX Tar and Iron Remover - 500 ml

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CarPro TRIX Tar and Iron Remover is a pH neutral formula designed to help safely remove Tar and Iron deposits on your vehicle's exterior in one step! TRIX combines the popular CarPro Iron X and CarPro Tar X products into one easy to use degreasing solution. Again it is pH neutral so it is safe to use on the paint and many other surfaces like the wheels, glass, most plastic trim, aluminum, and chrome. Avoid working in direct sun, do not let it dry on plastic trim and avoid spraying it on headlights and clear bras. Simply mist it on the affected areas and it will instantly start to break down those particles at the molecular level, let it dwell for just 2 - 5 minutes maximum and simply rinse it off. Retreat any extra stubborn build ups and agitate them lightly if necessary. Upon completion your vehicle's exterior will look and feel clean so you can move on to the next step with confidence knowing your paint is free of contaminants. If you are looking for one product that is highly effective yet still gentle then pick yourself up the CarPro TRIX Tar and Iron Remover.