CarPro Spotless Water Spot & Mineral Remover - 4 L

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CarPro Spotless Water Spot & Mineral Remover chemically breaks down mineral deposits left behind by water spots before they can etch into your finish! Unfortunately when these many water spots actually lightly etch in to the surface they can be incredibly frustrating and time consuming to remove. The traditional option for removal is to polish that area, starting with a less aggressive polish to a stronger one. There have however been many advances in technology that allow us to save much needed time and energy, while still removing these spots without polishing!

Spotless is packed with a special blend of carefully balanced gentle acids, that safely remove heavy mineral deposits on most vehicle surfaces. Simply spray this product onto the surface and using some elbow grease, work the product over the water spots. You will be amazed at how quickly and easily the spots disappear without having to polish your entire car!