CarPro Reflect Polish - 1000 ml

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CarPro Reflect Polish is an ultra fine finishing polish that will enhance your gloss to amazing levels! Holograms, micro-marring, and compounding haze are no match for Reflect. Pair this polish with a finishing pad on a rotary or dual action polisher and when you are finished, just stand back and admire the deep glossy finish. Reflect is capable of removing up to 3000 grit sanding marks and it does not contain any waxes, silicones, or fillers. The finish you see is from this polish removing imperfections, not filling them in! With a long work time and low dusting formula, Reflect is a joy to work with. Pair it with a heavier cutting compound for a two step polishing process, or as a one step on a vehicle with light imperfections. If you are looking to take your paint to the next level, finish your polishing process with CarPro Reflect!

Apply very thin line or x across pad
Spread product on low speed across section with one pass
Increase speed to around 5 on Dual Action
As Reflects diminishing abrasives break down lighten pressure and/or speed and continue to work until fully broken down
Wipe paint with a clean microfiber towel and inspect or move onto next section
Clean pad with brush and apply 4-5 small dots or 2-3 drops of product for next section