CarPro Immolube

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CarPro Immolube will help reduce friction and unwanted marring during various detailing steps. In general, clay lubes are great because they encapsulate embedded surface contamination, allowing you to remove it from the paint safely and easily. Immolube takes your favorite clay lube, enhancing it, and bringing it to the next level. The secrete is in the high quality formula, which is packed with a special mixture of surfactants and solvents. These ingredients are designed to help reduce friction and increase viscosity greatly while not only using a clay bar, but while sanding or polishing the paint as well. This reduces unwanted digging and marring, allowing you to perform any detailing step without having to worry about any unwanted marring, scratches, etc. Simply spray over the sanding disc, polishing pad, or clay bar and over the desired working area. Begin sanding, polishing or claying, and keep the surface lubricated during use. Application is really that easy and Immolube has no protective polymers, no unwanted gloss enhancers, and is easy to remove with a wash or Eraser wipe. So what are you waiting for, pump your clay lube full of steroids and pick up the CarPro Immolube today!