CarPro Fixer 1 Step Nano Polish & Compound - 250 ml

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The CarPro Fixer 1 Step Nano Polish & Compound can tackle various polishing steps, saving you valuable time and effort. Are you tired of having 1, 2, 3, or even 4 different polishes for different polishing steps? Do you want to consolidate your polishes, making your polishing steps more streamlined and less confusing? If so the CarPro Fixer is for you! CarPro Fixer is a one step polish that is capable of removing 1500 grit sanding marks and even some scratches, all while being able to finish the paint down to perfection. Marring, hazing, swirls marks, etc. are really no match. You can use Fixer on soft, medium, hard, and ceramic scratch resistant paints. The use of very small diminishing abrasives delivers the precise cut with the simple changing of the pads you are using. If you are looking for more corrective power, use a heavier cutting pad. Looking to finish the paint down and remove haze, use a finishing pad. Using this polish is really that easy and you will be impressed with the clear finish left behind. According to CarPro, Fixer can help you save working time of up to 40%, no holograms, no dusting, and it can be used by hand, via rotary, or dual action polisher. Fixer is also 100% body shop safe, no silicones, waxes, polymers, or Teflon is used. Fixer removes imperfections, it will not mask them with fillers. Save valuable polishing time and improve your results with the CarPro Fixer 1 Step Nano Polish & Compound.

Apply 3-4 drops of Fixer to pad
Spread product on low speed across section
Increase speed after pad and paint is lubricated
As Fixer begins to break down slowly lower speed and continue to polish until abrasives are broken down
Clean the pad after every section
Wipe paint free of residue with clean microfiber and continue to next section
Apply 2 more drops of product and repeat on next section