CarPro Essence Plus - 250 ml

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The CarPro Essence Plus is a non-abrasive solution that will help you repair fine swirls in a damaged ceramic coating, while simultaneously increasing gloss, hydrophobic properties, and cleansing the surface beneath! I am sorry for the mouthful in that first sentence, but there is just no short way to describe this awesome product! In the past, if you had swirls, scratches, water marks, or simply did not take care of your coating, your only option was to remove it and re-coat the car to get it back to looking it's best. With Essence Plus, you can now repair and restore the coating without having to remove whatever coating may be left on the surface. The unique formula is the key and it is packed with SiO2, ceramic coat repair agents, high gloss quartz resins, and hydrophobic nano particles. For the exact application instructions, take a look at the CarPro suggested steps below. After application, you will be amazed at the smooth, glass feel and gloss left behind. Your paint will really pop and your coating will be rejuvenated, extending the protection and durability of up to a year, if not more! If you do not have a coating already applied, Essence Plus will not correct the paint, but it will help add some gloss and protection to the surface. As you can already tell, Essence Plus is a completely new concept and CarPro does not want you to mix it up with the already popular Essence. Grab yourself a bottle of CarPro Essence Plus and rejuvenate your coating!