CarPro EcH2o Concentrated Waterless Wash - 500 ml

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The CarPro EcH2o Concentrated Waterless Wash will allow you to safely and easily clean your paint without using any water! EcH2o is packed with high end SiO2 hybrid particles and features an eco-friendly organic lubricant formula. What CarPro calls "lifting agents" combined with natural organic extracts and lubricants, allow you to encapsulate light contamination on the surface, safely lifting it off your paintwork with ease. Now, I know what you are saying, this sounds just like any other quick dertailer or waterless wash on the market, wrong! Not only will it clean the surface, but it will leave behind an amazing level of gloss. The secret in the gloss comes from that aforementioned SiO2. The finish left by EcH2o mimics the incredible properties that have become synonymous with the CarPro SiO2 sealants and CQuartz coatings throughout the years. The gloss that is left behind will have you extremely happy and wondering what you ever did without this product in your detailing arsenal before! Another awesome benefit of this product is that it is concentrated and you can dilute it to different levels to meet your needs for any job. Take a look at the suggested dilution ratios directly from CarPro below. Clean and shine your paint today with the CarPro EcH2o Concentrated Waterless Wash!

Quick Detailer:
Shake well and dilute 1:5~1:15
Spray, spread, and wipe off completely

Waterless Wash:
Shake well and dilute 1:5 up to 1:10
Spray liberally across one entire panel
Lightly wipe with microfiber towel flipping towel to fresh sides often
Spray once more across panel surface
Using a fresh microfiber towel wipe surface removing remainder of dust and dirt
Move to next panel, repeat steps 2-5, and continue around vehicle
Final wipe entire vehicle with a fresh clean towel as needed

Clay Lubricant: 1:40

Rinse-less Wash: 2oz per 3 gallon (1:200)