CarPro Cquartz Applicator - Large

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The CarPro Cquartz Applicator is a direct replacement for the applicator that is included with many CarPro products! This pad is made from stiff orange foam on one side and a grey ultra-soft applicator foam on the other. Use to apply the CarPro DLUX Plastic and Wheel Coating, CarPro Cquartz UK Edition, CarPro Cquartz Ceramic Quartz Paint Protection, and more. Pair it with the CarPro Suede Microfiber Cloths for easy and even application of these products! If you are using this applicator with something other than Cquartz, do not use the same applicator for application of any other coatings. Immediately after use gently rinse the grey side of pad, press dry, and allow to air dry completely before next use. If you are looking for a great two sided applicator pad pick up the CarPro Cquartz Applicator today!

Two Sizes:
Standard - 3.5" x 1.5" x 1"
Large - 6" x 3" x 1"