CarPro Ceriglass Glass Polish - 500 ml

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CarPro Ceriglass Glass Polish deep cleans your glass safely and easily so you can see through it and drive safely. This unique formula will remove acid rain, hard water, road film, sap, bird droppings, and even fine to medium scratches from your glass! Ceriglass is  formulated with cerium oxide, mild abrasives designed for glass and other nano particles that deep clean your glass with ease. You can polish by hand or even by machine. If you polish by hand you can deep clean the glass but with a buffer (Rotary or DA) you can remove deep etchings and even light to medium scratches! It should not be used on tinted glass, aftermarket glass and coated glass surfaces. It will not distort glass and upon completion you'll finally be able to see through the glass clearly in direct sunlight or on rainy days. Pick yourself up some CarPro Ceriglass Glass Polish today!