BMI Microfiber Detailing Mit

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The BMI Microfiber Detailing Mitt will help you tackle various detailing steps with an easy to use mitt! When you are using a microfiber towel, there can be times when these towels bunch up in your hand when in use. This can be frustrating, but with the BMI Microfiber Detailing Mitt you can avoid this bunching up all together. This mitt features high quality, super soft microfiber on either side of the mitt and an elastic cuff at the base. The unique microfiber makeup of the mitt allows you to use the mitt with your favorite instant detailer, to remove polish residue, or wash with your favorite car shampoo, the uses are endless with this mitt! The short nap microfiber helps you remove product that is more tightly bonded to the clear coat, like excess polish, wax, sealant, etc. It can also be used to clean your interior, dashboard, glass, leather, washing your paint with your favorite shampoo and so much more! The elastic cuff holds comfortably to your wrist, so you can maneuver this mitt without it moving in your hand. This allows you to glide the mitt over the surface, instead of grabbing your towel, hoping it doesn't bunch up in the process. When you are finished using this mitt, we recommend washing with your other microfiber towels on gentle cycle. Let this mitt air dry and it will last as long as possible. If you are looking for a versatile microfiber mitt for any detailing step, the BMI Microfiber Detailing Mitt is a great choice!