BMI Brushes All Purpose Exterior Brush

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If you are looking for a do it all brush, then look no further than the All Purpose Exterior Brush! It is extremely gentle for washing your vehicle's entire exterior. The flagged-tip bristles are resistant to acids and detergents and they are staple set into a sturdy foam block. This allows you to easily handle and maneuver this brush over the paint, glass, wheels, trim, etc. The soft bristles will help you brush away contaminants from cracks, crevices, carpets, upholstery, and so much more. For best results soak it in your wash bucket before using it on exterior surfaces. Use the brush with light pressure and you'll be amazed at how rapidly you can clean these various surfaces! Get rid of the clutter of multiple brushes, instead use the right tool for the job with the durable Green All Purpose Brush and enjoy the amazing results.