BMI Accessories Medium Grade Clay Bar - 200 g

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The BMI Accessories Medium Grade Clay Bar has the power to remove really stubborn build ups that make your vehicle look dull and old. This clay bar is ideal for removing paint over spray, tar, sap, road grime and other contaminants that do not come off while washing. Using a clay bar will remove embedded surface contamination that get trapped in the micro-ridges of the clear coat and on top of the clear coat. Use a fine grade bar for light build ups and choose the medium grade bar if you have heavy build ups. Be sure to pair this clay bar up with a good clay lube to help the bar slide side to side. You can break it up in to multiple pieces for maximum value and fresh uses. If you are tired of having a clear coat that feels rough and you are tired of starring at the same stubborn build ups then it's time for the Medium Grade Clay Bar!