BMI Accessories Fine Grade Clay Bar - 100 g

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Using a clay bar can help easily remove stubborn contaminates that will not be removed during the washing process. Contaminates such as tar, tree sap, bird droppings, bug smear, embedded road grime, paint over spray, etc. can be removed safely and effectively with a clay bar. This bar safely pulls away the contaminants so you don't have to scrub the surface too hard and potentially add micro-scratches. Creating a truly clean surface with a clay bar helps in two major ways. First it makes the surface more optically clear so you get a deeper and glossier shine. Secondly all the steps that follow will perform better. Polishes can break down prematurely if they are coming in contact with contaminants. Additionally a clean surface will allow sealants and waxes to bond to the clear coat much better, so you get longer lasting protection. The Detailed Image Fine Grade Clay is made by Auto Magic, the same manufacturer of the popular Clay Magic brand, so you know you are getting a top quality clay bar. This large bar can be cut up in to four pieces for the best value! Pair this up with your favorite clay lubricant and your paint will feel as smooth as glass. Get an amazing value and top notch results with the Gentle Fine Grade Clay Bar.