BMI Accessories Empty Containers - 128 oz

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The Poorboy's World Biodegradable All Purpose Cleaner (Bio APC) is an all purpose degreaser that can be used all over the interior, exterior and engine bay of a vehicle. This one bottle is a great asset to any detailer who wants to remove dirt, dust, grease, stains, brake dust, road grime from the wheels, tires, dashboard, doors, carpets, trim, engine bay and more. This powerful cleaner is strong enough for doing an engine detail but safe enough for carpet care. It does a fantastic job of breaking up virtually every form of contamination that ranges from heavy soil build ups to stubborn grease. Use it on your dashboard, arm rests, doors, carpets and more for a thorough cleaning. Additionally use it as a wheel cleaner that releases brake dust and other road grime. The unlimited uses of this product makes it a must have for any detailer. You should dilute this cleaner to a 3:1 ratio of water to cleaner for the best value. You can use it full strength on difficult build-ups if needed. Get the Poorboy's World Bio APC today and give your vehicle the cleaning it needs.