BMI Accessories Atomizer Pump Sprayer

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The BMI Accessories Atomizer Pump Sprayer allows you to dispense your favorite detailing chemical with minimal effort! This chemical resistant half gallon (2 liter) bottle features a pump action pressurizer at the top. Pump it up a few times, pull the trigger and you will get an evenly distributed mist or adjust the nozzle for a sharp stream if desired. You can keep pulling the trigger to dispense your chemical until the pressure from the pump has been released. This saves you time and effort from pulling the trigger each and every time you want to dispense a product like with traditional spray bottles. The metal pump plunger rod and nozzle allows this bottle to be extremely durable and it works great with degreasers, waterless washes, wheel cleaners, etc. If you are looking to save time, effort, and up your detailing results, the BMI  Accessories Atomizer Pump Sprayer should certainly find a place in your detailing arsenal!