BLITZ HYBRID A/C FILTER: SC430 02-10, GS300/400 01-05, LS430 01-06

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Blitz Hybrid A/C Filter, for Lexus GS300/400 10-05, LS430 01-06, and SC430 02-10. 
Note: Water Washable

The worlds first photocatalyst feature for ill-smelling odors with anti-bacterial characteristics. This is a powerful dust and pollen removal filter. It is reusable, you can clean your filter by just rinsing and drying it. The filter itself removes tobacco smells and mold to clean the air. This effect can be maintained with periodic maintenance of your filter, it is a direct stock replacement. 

- Sterilization by using sun-light as the catalyst activation.(Photocatalyst agent is contained) 
- Antibacterial properties to eliminate mold and odor which comes from humidity in the air conditioning system. 
- High filtering performance effectively removes pollen and dust. 
- Water Washable: When the filter becomes dirty, wash with water and sun dry to recover the filter performance.